Don't expect Rodney Crowell's autobiography, due to be published in January, to be another 'Nashville Babylon.' While the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter and producer likely has plenty of stories to tell from his years in Nashville -- touring with Emmylou Harris' Hot Band and experiences during the years he was married to Rosanne Cash -- he's keeping many of those to himself.

"It focuses very little on my musical career," Rodney tells The Boot of his as-yet-unnamed memoir. "It focuses mostly on my childhood in east Houston ... and the colorful characters around me. It is really a childhood story telling about my mother and father."

Rodney says the book is something of a follow up to his 2001 'musical memoir,' 'The Houston Kid.'

"I wanted to see if I could write prose," he says. "The memories were not as challenging as writing clear sentences and paragraphs. As a songwriter, all the tricks that work through instinct have very little to do with sustaining a narrative. You have to let the pace build much more slowly and, of course, word selection is paramount. I was lucky, got a really good editor and ended up with a very interesting narrative stream."

The only references to his music career are made when such insertions would clarify events. The memoir is only part of Rodney's latest news; he's the producer of a new album by Chely Wright (out May 4) and plans to release a new album of his own next year.