The music video for Rodney Atkins' "Eat Sleep Love You Repeat" takes fans on a bit of a ride -- one that ends in a pretty good cliffhanger.

The clip begins by letting viewers know that this is only Chapter 1 of a bigger story, before showing a man going about his daily routine. The only issue with his day is the ghost of relationships past, which turns up in the form of a beautiful woman at every corner.

Pretty quickly, the man realizes that he needs to fight for his girl, and he begins a trip to get her back. The video follows him through his journey, but ends before the viewer finds out what happens, with a "to be continued ..." final screen.

Will the story be continued in Atkins' next video? No official announcement has been made, but hopefully fans won't be left on the edge forever.

"Eat Sleep Love You Repeat" was written by Walker Hayes and Ryan Bizarri and appears on Atkins' Greatest Hits album, which was released in February. It available to download on iTunes and Amazon.