Rodney Atkins is back with a new single, and he's letting readers of The Boot see the lyric video for the track before anyone else.

'Doin It Right' is the advance single from the singer's upcoming fifth studio album. It was released to radio and on iTunes last week.

The up-tempo track has a positive message for country fans: "If you're keepin' it simple, then you make a big scene / If you're doin' your best, then you make a mess of things / If you're tryin', if you're cryin' / All that really means is you're doin' it right."

Atkins says the song's message is one that is special to him. “'Doin' It Right' is a song that I need to hear every day," he states. "It's a prayer, and a moment. It's a song about not only my faith in God but also God's faith in me."

He adds, "It's a song I needed to hear. It's a song about spiritual progress, not spiritual perfection”.

Download ‘Doin’ It Right’ here.