Robert Miranda is set to release his debut album next month.

'Exposed' will be available on April 15. Miranda wrote all of the songs on the record, which focuses on social and political issues under debate in the US.

Though Miranda studied guitar and music theory at the Washington Conservatory of Music, he spent most of his life working as an electrical engineer, salesperson and lobbyist. It wasn't until his recent wedding to wife Joan that he decided to follow his dreams of being a musician.

"Robert is living the dream of every 50 year old -- going back to pursue something that he always wanted to do in his life but never got around to doing,” BMI’s Dan Spears says in a press release.

“For some, it might be climbing Mount Kilimanjaro; for others it might be skydiving; for Robert it is writing and producing his first full-length album. I admire him for working hard to achieve his dream. We can all live vicariously through his efforts and his passionate songs.”

The singer-songwriter penned lyrics that address materialism, gun control, homelessness and animal abuse.

The album was primarily recorded and mixed at Miranda's home studio with Howard G. Ward, who has previously worked with Usher, Lady Gaga, Beyonce and Prince.

“To mix Robert’s 'Exposed' album was a treat for me,” Ward says. “It’s an eclectic mix of moods and rhythms that showcases his passion for music and highlights his great writing ability."

Robert Miranda, 'Exposed,' Track Listing:

1. 'Tell Me Now'
2. 'Born in The Moment'
3. 'Two Lifetimes'
4. 'Addy’s Song'
5. 'On This Day'
6. 'Circle of Clowns'
7. 'Forgiving One'
8. 'Logan Park'
9. 'Charles B.'
10. 'Morning Light'
11. 'Play For You'
12. 'Who Will Testify'