Reba McEntireReba McEntire has a brand new house! The generous singer recently cut the ribbon a new Reba's Ranch House at the Texoma Medical Center. The facility is designed for families of hospital patients battling a serious illness.

Opening the original house in 1992, Reba says credit for the new-and-improved building goes to many people. "It's a wonderful thing that the community has done," she tells Denison's Herald Democrat newspaper. "Everybody has put in so many hours ... to make sure that [guests] are welcomed when they come from the hospital needing a place to stay. I get to bounce in here and stand at the podium and look like the power child, but I'm just the person that gets to come say thank you to all the folks that work all year long and for many, many years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to allow me to come down here to say thank you to you all. I'm honored to be associated with you."

Housing more than 24,000 guests since the original house opened, the Oklahoma native says it's hard to believe so much time has passed. "In a way it seems like yesterday when we did the ribbon cutting over at the first, original Reba's Ranch House," she says. "Here we are at this beautiful facility that so many people have given their hours, their time, their dollars to make sure that this has been done in the beautiful way that it is being presented."

Reba may have opened a new home, but she says she hopes it will have the warmth of the old one. "I just pray with all my heart that the folks that are going to be walking through these halls, going through these front doors receive exactly what has been represented in the past 20 years at the original Reba's Ranch House," she says.

for two CMT Music Awards next week, the double Grammy winner will take time off the road as part of her tour with George Strait to perform at the upcoming CMA Music Festival, held in Nashville June 10-13.

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