Reba McEntireReba McEntire was among the first country artists to step up and donate to the American Red Cross in Nashville to assist in the flood relief efforts. Having lived in Middle Tennessee since 1987, Reba felt the overwhelming need to give whatever she could to help her neighbors after the devastating storms last weekend left more than 20 people dead in Tennessee.

"There are so many people here in Tennessee that have lost everything," Reba tells the Oklahoman newspaper. "I have cleaned out my closet, boxed up shoes, clothes, anything I can find that they may need. We've given to the Nashville Red Cross, and we're still trying to find more ways to help out ... I grew up in Oklahoma and I'm asking all of you to help out your neighbors. Please send what you can. I promise you, it will be appreciated.

"After this tremendous act of nature, it makes you feel so insignificant in the whole scheme of things, but then to know that you can lend a hand and make someone's life a little better, brings you back up to realize why you are on this earth in the first place," Reba continues. "And that's to learn how you can grow as a better person by giving and loving. I love my fellow Tennesseans, and I'm so proud of how they are dealing with this situation."

Reba, who is a member of the American Red Cross National Celebrity Cabinet, donated $100,000 to the Nashville Chapter, and is urging her fans to donate to help those affected by the flooding.

The superstar's Nashville-area home is located along the Cumberland River, and when she and her family arrived at their house last Sunday afternoon, their back yard was underwater because nearby Old Hickory Lake had filled above the floodline. "We had leakage in one storage room and the laundry room," she says. "We are so grateful that the lake didn't get up into our house ... all we could do when we got back home was take things up to a higher level in our house, Shop-Vac the places that were holding water, keep a watch on the lake and pray."

Flood cleanup continues throughout Nashville and the surrounding area this week.