Less than two weeks into 2011, Reba McEntire admits she's not doing too well with one of her new year's resolutions. On Tuesday the superstar posted on her official blog: "I guess you're wondering how my Spanish lessons are coming along. Well, I haven't had one lesson yet. We got back home after the holidays and I went into a closet/pantry cleaning/cooking frenzy!!!! The bean soup turned out great, by the way."

Reba is challenging herself to learn the language -- for the third year in a row. "Three years ago, I bought the Rosetta Stone Spanish CD Program. Last year I got it out of the box and put it in my CD carrier. It went everywhere with me."

Reba has, however, made a little more progress in her learning curve. "This year I got it out of my CD carrier and I have now downloaded it into my laptop," she proclaims. "That's progress! Now that it's on my computer, maybe I'll be more likely to complete that resolution!"

Probably not as long as there are closets to clean! One thing Reba can say she accomplished in 2010, however, was completing her tour with friends George Strait and Lee Ann Womack. The trek was proclaimed Pollstar's top country tour of the year. There was a sad moment at the end of the first leg, which ended in late April.

"One thing that stood out for me in 2010 was when we were flying back into Nashville after the last show of the spring tour, and we could barely get into Nashville because of the rain," Reba recalls. "We were devastated by the flooding that all of our friends and neighbors were going through -- the people we work with in the music business and the people all around our community in Nashville and the surrounding area, and all they were going through to save their homes, their lives, their businesses. My heart went out to them.

"But I was so proud of how the people of Tennessee joined together to help each other, and I was so proud of our friends in Los Angeles who called asking what they could do to help. People from all over the country were responding. So thanks to everyone for all their hard work, God love them, they did put Nashville back together."

Reba ended 2010 with the No. 1 song of the year, 'Consider Me Gone,' which stayed at the top of the charts for four weeks. Fans will be hearing her new single, 'If I Were A Boy,' on radio stations soon.