Reba McEntireGarth Brooks has done it, Taylor Swift has done it, even Dolly Parton and Willie Nelson both did it. Now Reba McEntire fans want her to do it -- and they're using Facebook to try to make it happen. And just what is it? It's the coveted guest-hosting gig on NBC's long-running 'Saturday Night Live.' While the show has featured several country music performances throughout its 35-year history, only a handful of country acts have pulled double-duty -- most notably Taylor who took the reins earlier this season.

We all know the musical-guest portion of 'SNL' would be a cakewalk for Reba, but she's also a seasoned comedic actress who has appeared in movies, in her own sitcom and on Broadway, not to mention her live hosting duties at the ACM Awards -- all of which give her an edge when it comes to acting in front of a live audience. Seems like a no-brainer!

There's also the argument that Reba already has a recurring role on 'SNL' this season ... in the form of a hilariously bizarre character named after her. Kenan Thompson has appeared in two sketches as a cross-dressing, rap collaborating 'Reba McEntire.' (Watch video of Kenan's 'Reba' debut below -- but parents, be warned. It's very racy!)

The idea for the 'Reba to Host SNL in 2010' page appears to have been inspired by a passionate pitch for another treasured comic actress, 88-year-old Betty White, who so far has more than 345,000 Facebook fans on her 'SNL' side.

We're OK with that, but can Betty belt out 'Fancy'?

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