Reba McEntire's latest single from her 'Keep On Loving You' album is the female-empowering 'Consider Me Gone,' which the country queen hopes will hit home with the ladies.

"This gal [in the song] has had a relationship with this man, and he has not been paying attention to her," Reba explains to CMT. "She tries to talk to him, and he's not listening. So it's confrontation time. I don't like confrontation. I'd rather go, 'Um-de-dum, I don't know what's wrong -- what do you think?' But this gal is like, 'Ok, we're going to talk about the elephant in the room that nobody is addressing! If you're not going to treat me like I need to be treated, consider me gone!'"

Reba doesn't necessarily think of 'Consider Me Gone' as a breakup song. Instead, she hopes it will help strengthen relationships.

"I think it's a very strong woman song," says the country icon. "I think it's something that needs to be said and talked about. Good communication is the secret to a good relationship. This is a good relationship song to teach people to start communicating."

Reba McEntire - 'Consider Me Gone' (Live AOL Music Sessions Performance)