Reba McEntire has shared some good news about her brother Pake's condition after his stroke.

"This week we have seen small steps of improvement each day," McEntire writes on Instagram, under a photo of her brother that she says is one of her favorites. "This morning [(May 22)], he opened his eyes and even watched a little bit of the news before going back to sleep."

Still, McEntire notes that her brother has a long road ahead of him -- but he's in good shape.

"He is still not able to communicate verbally due to the tubes in his mouth but is moving his arms, legs, and opening his eyes on command," she continues. "On several occasions, the doctors have said that Pake doing extremely well from a neurological stand point. They are very happy with his progress for all that his body has endured over the past week."

Pake McEntire, who is the country singer's older brother, suffered a stroke after having back surgery late last week; the stroke caused swelling and blood on the brain, which doctors relieved during surgery on Saturday (May 16). On Tuesday (May 19), Reba McEntire revealed that her brother was "resting and recovering," but "still unconscious."

Country music fans may recognize Pake McEntire's name from his time with RCA Nashville in the late 1980s, when he earned a string of charted singles, including his debut single, “Every Night,” and “Savin’ My Love for You,” which hit No. 3 on the country charts.

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