Reba admits she was a little late to the game when it comes to the social networking site Twitter. But now that she's gotten the hang of it, she's updating fans with everything from vacation photos to what she had for breakfast. She's even coined a new name for her 23,000+ Twitter followers: "Tweebas." Her 'Reba' show co-star Melissa Peterman helped Reba come up with the name.

"I was spending time with Melissa the other day, and she was telling me how she refers to all of the fans following her on Twitter as 'Tweethearts'," Reba recalls. "So I got to thinking that was pretty cute, and that I should find a name for my friends on Twitter. Melissa blurted the term 'Tweebas' out, and I knew that was it!

"It's funny, I never would have thought when I began my career -- heck, even ten years ago -- that one day I'd be sitting here talking with people about 'tweets' and 'Twittering,' let alone 'Tweebas.' It's amazing how the digital age has changed the music business. And I am thrilled to still be a part of it ... it's keeps things fun and interesting for me to see what they'll come up with next!"