Funny lady Reba McEntire got lots of laughs as host of the ACM Awards Sunday night. Here are just a few of our favorite jokes of the night:

"Tonight marks my tenth appearance as your host. The first year I hosted was 1986. Ok, Taylor Swift just looked at me like I just announced I flew with the Wright Brothers . . . A lot of things have changed over the years. Back when I first hosted this show, Roger Clemens wasn't even interested in country music."

"There are seven wonders of the world . . . eight if you count Paris Hilton's career."

"I guess you've heard about his [Kenny Chesney's] run in with his stage elevator. Later he's gonna sing his hit song, 'She Thinks My Fracture's Sexy.'"

"Keith Urban is gonna be a daddy soon . . . I don't want to go into details of how that happened, but Nicole Kidman is definitely calling him Entertainer of the Year."