At 54, Reba McEntire certainly does not look her age ... nor feel it! The fresh-faced, vivacious singer says her secret to staying young is not Botox or plastic surgery, it's simply the company she keeps.

"I don't feel 54 years old. I'm still at 36!" Reba tells The Boot. "I tell my nieces who are in their 20s and 30s, 'I feel so right to hang out with you guys, because I don't feel there's such an age gap between us.' They keep me young, they keep me active. They keep me up to date with all the tech stuff -- they let me see their playlists on their iPods and such."

Reba works hard to keep in great physical shape, but says keeping in good mental shape also requires some exercise. "I always try to make my mind work," she says. "I even go to a different grocery store, because you get trained. Walk down that aisle, you know where the Cheerios are; walk down this aisle, you know where the milk is. You've gotta stop that! I won't go to the same gas station. I want to have to make myself figure the new machine out, and it's very frustrating. It will take me a good 10 minutes extra to get my stuff done, but I think it's good for your brain."

Reba is celebrating two weeks and counting at the top of the country albums charts with her first new solo album in six years, 'Keep on Loving You.'