It was a battle of the accents when Oklahoma-born Reba sat down with Scotish-born CBS "Late Late Show" host Craig Ferguson last week to talk about her new sitcom, "Malibu Country." Explaining the concept of the show, Craig asks Reba if she's ever been to Mailbu, then asks, "Do you fit in?"

"Yeah, I fit in," Reba answers, affecting her best Scottish accent, to which the host replies, "Wait, you're seriously mocking my accent?"

"Turnabout's fair play, so you mock me. I want you to," Reba says, before interrupting him with, "That's it, that's enough."

In addition to agreeing that they love each other's accents, especially since they share Scottish heritage, they also discuss the global tour schedule, which she acknowledges she's maintained as much as she can while doing the TV series. Reba reveals that there are places she has never played, like Japan, and that she has yet to do a USO tour, which the host highly recommends.

They also interact with guest guitarist Bon Jovi's Richie Sambora, and Secretariat, the pantomime horse who appears regularly on the show. Reba explains that she once met the real Secretariat, the Triple Crown-winning racehorse. She also discusses the racecar-driving career of her son, Shelby, and talks about one of his upcoming races. The interview ends with one of the host's regular routines, as he offers the singer a piece of fruit. Needless to say, the Queen of Country was a "smash" hit on the show.

Reba's "Malibu Country" airs Friday nights at 8:30 PM on ABC.