Reba's upcoming album, 'All The Women I Am,' has nothing to do with multiple personalities, but rather it encompasses all the many roles that women play in their hectic lives. The country icon believes the toughest challenge today's women face is simply finding time for themselves in order to stay sane.

"I have been all these women in this album," Reba tells "I have lectured a boy or two. I have been divorced. I have a child. I have been in love. All these songs -- it's the women -- all the hats they wear. And I've worn all the hats in this album, so this is all the women I am."

"She's a giver," Reba elaborates. "She's a caretaker. She's a lover. She's a mother. She's a worker and she can triple-task at one time. Finding time for herself and not feeling guilty about it is probably the most important thing she can do for herself. I love getting older and maturing. You learn about yourself, to do things for yourself and not to feel guilty. That's a big step for women. I've got the kids, the work, being a wife. When that day off happens, I cherish it. I'll schedule lunch with my girlfriends. I love to do that. That's a treat for me."

Reba has Beyonce in part to thank for the creation of this "I Am Woman" themed CD, since her cover of Beyonce's 'If I Were a Boy' led to its inception. The YouTube popularity of Reba's cover of the song for a CMT Unplugged Sessions encouraged her to record a collection of empowerment tunes for the brand new disc, due out November 9. And Reba doesn't offer any apologies for covering a pop tune on her new country album.

"To me, it turned out to be a country song when we got our instrumentation on it," she explains. "And some people go, 'Well why in the world would you do a pop song?' I just think music is music. You've got good and you've got bad, and I try to stay on the good side."