Ray Tarantino has released his new album, 'Good Things Will Happen.'

The Italian-born Tarantino was raised in the UK, helping lend a dose of British pop to his Americana sound. Now located in Nashville, he is currently touring the US.

Tarantino entered the music business after a traumatic high-speed car accident almost ended his life. After the wreck, he quit his corporate job and moved into a '97 Econoline van to pursue his dream of making music.

"The minute I sit down and start jamming on my instrument I look for a sound that gives me goose bumps, a vibe in the rhythm and a melody that takes me places," Tarantino says of his writing inspiration. "Then I start imagining things and maybe that’s the soul connection. Maybe soul is juts a result of letting go."

"I try to concentrate on what counts for me. Sure I could be all hip and go record in a cave somewhere or by the ocean with the sound of waves and butterflies getting into the mix but why? I just try to tell a story with every song and I want things to change within the story."

'Good Things Will Happen' is available through Tiny Drum Records on RayTarantino.com. See a list of upcoming tour dates here.

Ray Tarantino, 'Good Things Will Happen' Track Listing:

1. 'Brand New Day'
2. 'The Thing About You'
3. 'Empty Hands'
4. 'Faith In Faith'
5. 'What You Gonna Do'
6. 'Miss Me Now'
7. 'Get to Love You Too'
8. 'Since You Found Your Way'
9. 'Guilty No More'
10. 'Silver Line'
11. 'Who Do You Need Me to Be'
12. 'You're Still Free'