They call him 'The Streak,' a.k.a. country funnyman Ray Stevens, whose 1974 No. 1 hit is finally reborn for a brand-new audience ... as a 99 cent phone app game. The grand tradition of competitive streaking lives on! Stevens' classic music video's "nude" cartoon alter-ego will be partaking in his exhibitionist antics through three levels of the game -- a grocery store, a gas station and a sports gymnasium -- just like in the video.

Apple had originally rejected the game because it was deemed inappropriate for those under 17 years of age, but thankfully, it's been sorted out. "They finally reinstated the game for release this week," Stevens says. "I guess someone reviewed it a second time and remembered the original song and video. Thank goodness. I thought I was in big trouble."

How could we forget?

Watch Ray Stevens' Video for 'The Streak'