Funnyman Ray Stevens has always had his finger on the pulse of America. Just in time for Tax Day, he is resurrecting an old song, 'If Ten Percent Is Good Enough for Jesus (It Oughta Be Enough for Uncle Sam),' which takes a stand on the ever-increasing amount that the government takes out of our paychecks.

"Now I'm just as patriotic as the next man/And you know I love the red, white and blue/So I'll help pay this risin' price of freedom/But I'll be danged if I'll change my point of view," the song proclaims. "If ten percent is enough for Jesus/ Then it ought to be enough for Uncle Sam."

This is not the first time the Georgia native has included Jesus in his lyrics. In 1987, Stevens released 'Would Jesus Wear A Rolex,' a pointed look at televangelists.

Stevens is perhaps best known for his classic 1974 hit, "The Streak.' That song has sold nearly five million copies for the singer/songwriter. Despite his reputation as a comedian, Stevens' two Grammy awards come from his serious songs, 'Everything is Beautiful' in 1970 and 'Misty' in 1975.

'If Ten Percent Is Good Enough For Jesus' is on Stevens' 'Classic Ray Stevens' album.