The Texas Country Music Hall of Fame is honoring Ray Price with a special exhibit, 'For the Good Times.'

The exhibit will be unveiled on Feb. 28 at the Hall of Fame in Carthage, Texas. The display contains over 60 of the country star's personal items, including his 1950s Cherokee Cowboy tour jacket, his Best Male Country Vocal Grammy Award from 1971, a custom Nudie suit, a personal letter from Lyndon B. Johnson and more.

The unveiling will feature entertainment as well as special guests, including Price's widow Janie. The ribbon cutting is set for 10 AM, with free entry to the exhibit afterward.

"Ray was so proud that he was able to accomplish his dream of becoming an international star, but he was most proud to be a Texan and to be able to give back to his home state," Janie Price says. "To have this new exhibit so close to home, as we continue to write the last chapter in his life story, is a special honor."

Price died in December 2013 at 87 years old. His final album, 'Beauty Is ...,' was released in April 2014. After the album's release, Janie Price took the reins and promoted the album in the place of her late husband.

"You know, I had always been Ray’s personal business manager since we got married … and I had taken care of all of his business behind the scenes, but I had never, ever stepped out front and done any of these things," she tells The Boot. "I’ve scheduled 10,000 interviews for Ray Price and handed him the phone … but I’d never done this, and so, what this means to me, it’s hard for me to put it in words … but what I want you to know is that this was Ray’s very last dream — a dream come true. And my intent is to do whatever I can, if I can do anything at all, to lend any credence to the project.

"I’m here to see that his dream is fulfilled," she adds, "and that was for him to do a last album and a last project for him to leave so that his legacy would continue to live on long after he was gone."

'Beauty Is ...' is available for download via Amazon and iTunes.