Country music legend Ray Price has been rushed to the cardiac intensive care unit in Texas after battling a serious blood bacteria infection.

Price was rushed to the hospital on Tuesday night (Oct. 8). As of Thursday morning (Oct. 10), he remains in intensive care. The 87-year-old, who has battled many health ailments in the past year, was diagnosed with sepsis, a potentially fatal infection.

"Ray's blood pressure dropped too low and his heart rate too high. We were in watchful crisis all night long and through out early morning hours before he stabilized," Price's wife, Janie, wrote on his Facebook page. "I am at Ray's bedside and have not left him for a second. I will continue to be ever watchful and give updates as Ray continues to improve. Please remember Ray in your prayers."

The 'City Lights' singer, who was diagnosed last year with cancer that appeared to be in remission, has been relying on the support of his loyal fans.

"I am touched and deeply moved by your love and prayers and good wishes. You all have moved me to tears!!" he shared last month. "I have dedicated my entire life to country music and my fans. To have folks like you supporting me still after 60 years is more than any artist could ever dream of ... if I never sing again I am a happy man and no one can take that away from me. I know love can move a mountain, so it has not all been in vain!"

The Boot extends our wishes to Ray Price for a speedy recovery.