Rascal FlattsRascal Flatts are getting into the Olympic spirit this year. Their latest hit, 'Unstoppable,' is being used as the theme song for athletes at the upcoming Winter Olympics.

"AT&T and NBC came to us about the song, and they wanted to change it into more of an anthemic thing before the Olympics -- not just about love but about you being unstoppable ... like an Olympic athlete, for instance," guitarist Joe Don Rooney explains to The Boot. So Jay [DeMarcus] got with the writers, Hillary Lindsey and James Slater, and rewrote the song to fit more of that theme, and it turned out killer."

The song, ironically, was written long before the trio had the Olympics on their minds. "Hillary and I had started an idea about a year prior to the three of us getting together -- James, Hillary and myself -- and we had a verse written with a melody started," Jay explains. "We played it for James, and he had this title, 'Unstoppable.' It's just a unique way of talking about the power of love. It's certainly a familiar theme, but we felt like it was a different take on it and a unique way of saying how much power love does have even in it's darkest days. So we wrote the song and took it to the boys and they liked it, so here we are."

"It turned out great," Joe Don chimes in. "So we got to shoot a video commercial spot for it last week, and the Olympics have really taken that song on and it's made this project."

The Winter Olympics kick off Feb. 12 in Vancouver.

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