Rascal Flatts are anxiously awaiting tomorrow's (June 8) CMT Music Awards, where they'll learn if they're adding another trophy to their bustling collection. The video for their No. 1 hit, 'Why Wait' (nominated for two trophies -- Video of the Year and Group Video of the Year), features comedian Ron White and actor David Arquette, along with one mean monkey, who will not be invited back for a sequel.

"That thing bit me on the head the first time and jumped off, so they were like, 'Alright, cut!,'" lead singer Gary LeVox tells ABC News. "It was the third or fourth time I went out there, that thing went down my arm and took a hunk out of my arm where I was bleeding. Yeah, I was done with live animals. There won't be any more. Jay [DeMarcus] and Joe Don [Rooney] are enough."

Personal injury aside, the clip parodied 'The Hangover,' which was the perfect accompaniment to the chart-topping hit. "[The video] actually brought a fun song to life with David Arquette in there and Ron White," Gary tells The Boot. "That took on a whole other [life] of it's own. When we do it live, we have some of that video footage rolling behind us."

The tune will be on the guy's set list for a long time. "When we heard the tune, we immediately fell in love with it," Jay tells The Boot. "It was a no-brainer. It harkened back to the earlier tunes that we cut on the first few records. It had that feel of early Rascal Flatts, and it was very nostalgic for us. We had never done a shuffle before, believe it or not, so it was something different for us, but yet familiar ... once Gary got his vocal on it, it put it over the top. I think the fans felt what we were feeling when we cut it, that it was very reminiscent of what brought a lot them to the dance to start with."

Rascal Flatts kick off their inaugural Flatts Fest June 18 in Bristow, Va. The tour, which includes opening acts Sara Evans, Easton Corbin and Justin Moore, will play 24 dates in the United States and Canada, before wrapping up in September. Keep track of their schedule here.

The CMT Music Awards will air live on CMT and CMT.com tomorrow (June 8) at 8:00 PM ET.

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