Rascal Flatts not only begin their Nothing Like This tour on June 25 in Raleigh, N.C., but they're taking the 'B1' campaign with them.

That's the nationwide project by The Jason Foundation to help kids recognize friends who may be struggling with thoughts of suicide or are otherwise in need of help. Rascal Flatts -- Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney -- have signed on as project ambassadors and will appear in public service announcements and social networking campaigns in support of the effort.

"Having been personally affected by suicide, it's important for me to do all that we can to create more awareness and prevention, particularly with teenagers," says Jay. "We are proud to be partners with the Jason Foundation and we are looking forward to doing our part in trying to help them save even more lives."

In the past, Rascal Flatts has introduced fans to various charities they support, including the Make-a-Wish Foundation and American Red Cross. The trio reveals that suicide has impacted each of them so deeply that they recorded the song 'Why' in response.

"That song, in particular, was a really tough one to cut because all of our lives have been affected by suicide," Jay tells CMT. "Gary and I had an uncle in 2001 that took his own life. We were very, very close to him, and we were affected by that greatly. Joe Don, as well, had a friend in high school that took his own life. We felt like it was something that we could sing about, dealing with a very difficult matter that a lot of lives are affected by. It could give you a little bit of hope and a little way to deal with a tragic situation."

During the same interview, Joe Don says the song's lyrics, particularly, 'In my mind, I keep you frozen like a 17-year old' -- take direct aim at teenage turmoil. "It's eerie to me and it's haunting. At the same time, it's a poignant message for the youth out there, for the teenagers out there, struggling and contemplating that decision, which they shouldn't make. That's why this song's got a lot of angst in it because it wants to let that [message] out of the bag -- that's not the answer. You don't have to do that. There's so much more in your life to live for. There are so many more people in your life that are going to be affected by a decision like that. That's why I do love that song."

For more information about 'B1' and the Jason Foundation, check the organization's website.

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