Rascal Flatts have just released a video for 'Rewind,' which is the title track and first single from their upcoming album.

The song, which marks band member Jay DeMarcus' first time producing a single for the trio, was one they instantly knew would work for their new project.

“I was the first one to hear it in a song pitch meeting in Nashville,” DeMarcus recalls to Radio.com. “When I heard it, it just jumped out of the speakers. The chorus was so catchy and hooky. Especially the middle of it, ‘So you can let it fall one more time.’ I took it and played it for the guys and they felt the same way. We went in and cut it and I think it turned out better than we expected. It’s a great song and we’re proud of it.”

'Rewind' was written by songwriter and artist Eric Paslay, along with hit songwriters Chris DeStefano and Ashley Gorley.

“The wild thing is, I wrote the song and I love the song. If I didn’t have an album out, I would have loved to see if the other writers would have let me record it,” Paslay admits. But still, he says he is elated with the trio's take on the song.

“They told me there that it was going to be their lead off single of this new album. I’m just thrilled to death. For them to record a song is just amazing,” he adds. “They did such a great job. It sounds awesome on the radio too, so I’m pumped for them, and I’m glad we wrote a good song that’s getting heard.”

Rascal Flatts will embark on their Rewind Tour, which includes special guest Sheryl Crow, and Gloriana as their opening act, on May 16. See all of their upcoming shows here.