It's Week 4 of the Summer of Flatts! Today's songs are a particularly special treat, as the superstar trio take us on stage and into the studio to hear a lost demo.

Rascal Flatts have teamed up with The Boot to preview four rare recordings every Monday, which can then be purchased through their iTunes Pass every Tuesday, through Sept. 1. Twenty-eight songs total will be released through the Summer of Flatts promotion, including live concert recordings, studio sessions and unreleased demos.

Today's tracks are 'These Days' (Live in Concert), 'The Way' (Lost Demo), 'Feels Like Today' (Live in Concert) and 'Pieces' (Live in Studio). Listen to the songs below, then visit iTunes to get your Summer of Flatts started.

Listen to 'These Days' (Live in Concert)

Listen to 'The Way' (Lost Demo)

Listen to 'Pieces' (Live in Studio)

Listen to 'Feels Like Today' (Live in Concert)