It's Week 6 of The Boot's exclusive debut of never-before-heard Rascal Flatts tunes. The guys have teamed up with us to bring you four new tracks each Monday, which you can then buy on iTunes each Tuesday through a special iTunes Pass. Twenty-eight songs total will be released through the Summer of Flatts promotion, including live concert recordings, studio sessions and unreleased demos. The "summer" ends Sept. 1, but it's not too late to get all of the songs -- if you purchase the pass now, you can get the past five week's songs right away.

This week, we take you into the studio for new recorded versions of 'Take Me There' and 'My Wish.' We also have a lost Rascal Flatts demo recording of 'Lonesome Road' and a live performance of 'Mayberry.' Listen to the songs below, and then visit iTunes to catch up on your Summer of Flatts.

Listen to 'Take Me There' (Live in Studio)

Listen to 'My Wish' (Live in Studio)

Listen to 'Lonesome Road' (Lost Demo)

Listen to 'Mayberry' (Live in Concert)