Jay DeMarcusJay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts wouldn't trade a thing for the early days, when he and his bandmates struggled, honing their craft at Nashville's Fiddle and Steel bar. He says that's the one thing missing from today's instant, star-making vehicles like 'American Idol.' While shows like 'Idol' are a great avenue to find new talent, Jay fears the contestants might be missing out on a vital step in their development as singers.

"That's how we found ourselves," Jay tells CountryForever. "We spent night after night out there learning the art of entertaining a crowd. And if there's a criticism I have of this sort of microwave, instant stardom that some of these kids are experiencing nowadays with 'American Idol' and things like that -- it is a great forum to discover new talent that otherwise wouldn't be discovered -- however, you don't get to put the time in learning to be an entertainer. Because when you have to starve for your craft, it's more beloved to you when you have success."

The band recently rewrote the lyrics to their hit 'Unstoppable,' for inclusion on a Olympics soundtrack album, the sale of which will benefit Team USA. They also recently shot a new video for the song.

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