Great music moves you. It makes you happy or sad, it reminds you of great moments in your life, and it can help you get through the rough patches. Unfortunately, you don't always get to say thank you to the musicians that make that great music.

However, this weekend at the pre-ACM Awards festivities in Las Vegas, Jessica Wolverton of Violina, Ark. had the chance to say thank you in person to Rascal Flatts for creating a song that's special to her.

As part of a contest held by Justin Boots, Wolverton shared how the band's song 'I'm Moving On' "has gotten [her] through a lot in life."

"The song has had its most profound meaning to me in the last year. My husband and I are patiently waiting to adopt out of the foster care system," she says in her contest entry. "The song applies in so many ways, but my favorite lines are 'I've found you find strength in your moments of weakness / For once I'm at peace with myself ... I'm moving on / At last I can see life has been patiently waiting for me.'"

Wolverton and her husband received a trip to the ACM Awards, where she was asked to share her story on camera.

"I hope that if Rascal Flatts see this video, they can hear me say thanks for this song. Thanks for the emotion and the work they put into making it come alive," she says in the video below. "Just a song -- just a few minutes of words, lyrics, poetry -- can really open your eyes to how we all related to each other, how we relate to our experiences and how we move on."

Little did she know, the band was waiting nearby to surprise her and give her the chance to tell them all of that directly.