For Rascal Flatts, Thursday, April 5, will be another special day in the life of the superstar group. The trio will command both the big and small screen tomorrow as they visit 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' during the daytime and then cap things off with the one-night-only debut of their first concert film-documentary, 'Rascal Flatts Changed.' The film will be screened in more than 650 theaters nationwide.

"Ellen's always a blast," offers the threesome's Jay DeMarcus. "We have such fun with her when we're off camera. She's such a good buddy of ours and she's been so great to us."

"She doesn't put on a façade," adds Gary LeVox. "She just doesn't care. She is who she is and she's as real as it gets. She's done so much for us and our career, helping us promote albums and giving us opportunities. It's just a big love fest when we see Ellen. And we share the same hair care products!"

We think he's probably kidding about that last thing, but the always impeccably coiffed Gary, Jay and bandmate Joe Don Rooney will probably want to keep those hair-care products handy for the the long day ahead. Later on Thursday, they'll host the New York City premiere of 'Rascal Flatts Changed' in Times Square.

Jay explains that the documentary covers the history of the group and explores where they are now with this new album. He adds that it also provides an intimate look at each of the three members as individuals.

"This goes along with the theme of the record," he notes of the album that was released yesterday (April 3). "'Changed' is a new era for Rascal Flatts and this motion picture is a different look inside of Rascal Flatts. It's not so much about Rascal Flatts as a band as it is ... telling the stories individually of how we ended up even getting on the paths that led us to Rascal Flatts. I think fans are gonna be surprised to learn some of the things about us that come out of these interviews and out of this film."

A limited number of movie tickets are still available here.

The group finishes up the week with a performance on ABC's 'Good Morning America' on Friday (April 6).

Watch our Day in the Life of Rascal Flatts Video

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