It's Week 3 of the Summer of Flatts. This week, the superstar trio bring us four rare recordings from live inside the studio.

Rascal Flatts are releasing 28 songs total to iTunes for the Summer of Flatts iTunes Pass, with four new songs automatically downloaded each week for pass holders. The Boot has the privilege of previewing those tunes every Monday. Today, we bring you 'Ellsworth,' 'Me and My Gang,' 'Stand' and 'What Hurts the Most' -- all recorded in never-before-heard studio sessions. Listen to the songs below, then visit iTunes to get your Summer of Flatts started.

Listen to 'Ellsworth' (Live in Studio)

Listen to 'Me and My Gang' (Live in Studio)

Listen to 'Stand' (Live in Studio)

Listen to 'What Hurts the Most' (Live in Studio)