A year after Randy Travis suffered a series of life-threatening health crises that culminated in a stroke, it looks like he may have turned the corner in his recovery.

In the new issue of Closer magazine, several of the singer's friends comment on his progress.

"He hasn’t plateaued in his recovery, which is always a big fear,” an unnamed source says. “He really faces a long, tough battle.”

James Hilliard, who co-owns Clark’s Outpost Barbecue with Travis in Tioga, Texas, paints a more positive picture of the singer's progress. "He's pushed himself hard," he states. "He's getting around normal and seems to be doing OK."

Though there have been conflicting accounts of Travis' progress, with recent reports suggesting that he's still unable to speak, Closer reports that some friends believe he may be able to perform as soon as January of 2015.

Bonnie Paul, who co-wrote a song titled 'Childhood Sweethearts' with Travis, says, "He’s taking great strides and getting better." She adds that he is already humming and has his heart set on singing, and she has no doubt that he will make a recovery.

“He’s a cowboy!” she exclaims. “If he gets back his strength, then anything is possible.”

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