Randy Houser's "We Went" music video begins with a dispatcher's voice coming in through the radio, revealing that the police are searching for a black Pontiac, and it and escalates into an explosion -- and that's only the first 20 seconds!

Houser and the clip's female lead (who also appeared in Houser's "Like a Cowboy" music video) play a Bonnie and Clyde-type couple who are on the run in said black Pontiac because they robbed a drug cartel. But instead of blowing the cash on lavish yachts and jewels, they do something completely out of the ordinary: They give the money away to people in need.

The music video shows Houser and his partner-in-crime giving the cash to a pastor and a mom with several kids -- all on the sly -- and you can't help but cheer on the singer and his lovely lady. They're bandits of the best kind, and at the end of the video, an anchor from Tucson News Today appears onscreen, saying that the "good deed bandits" are "still on the run."

Houser shared a behind-the-scenes look at the music video a few days before its release, revealing that it was filmed in a variety of locations, from Tucson, Ariz.’s Casino Del Sol to the top of Mount Lemmon in the Santa Catalina Mountains. "We Went" director Dustin Rikert made this a clip with plenty of explosions, police chases and action; veteran actor William Shockley appears in the video, as do members of the local sheriff's and fire departments.

“We had such a blast with the "Like a Cowboy" video, and the production on that one was so high quality, that we wanted to do it again for this one,” says Houser via a press release. “But this time, my whole band got to be in the video, and there's a lot more action -- everything from car chases to crash scenes to explosions. We just had a great time with it.”

“We Went” is the first single from Houser's upcoming record, his second for Stoney Creek Records and fourth overall.

“I wanted to lead with "We Went" as the first single from the new record because it was so different for me," Houser explains. "The song is about hanging out, a little bit of danger, running from the cops — all things I grew up doing. Well, maybe avoiding the cops is more accurate."

Houser is currently opening for Luke Bryan on Bryan's 2015 Kick the Dust Up Tour.

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