The Raelyn Nelson Band have shared their latest single, "Mason Jar," and its video.

The track is the latest in a string of singles that the band has released. Instead of putting out an entire album, the group plans to release a new single and video nearly every month this year.

Nelson, the granddaughter of Willie Nelson, says that "Mason Jar" is about the journey and evolution that she went through in her mid- to late 20s.

"The melody and first few lines came to me while driving some back roads around my house in Tennessee; that's probably where the 'open spaces' theme came about," she tells The Boot. "It's a song about deciding to face fears, forgetting about what has been and going after dreams."

The "Mason Jar" music video follows the journey of a single mason jar as it changes hands to be a drinking glass, a vase and a container for a some illegal substances.

"The video concept was born out of necessity as much as anything. At this point, we are literally doing everything ourselves, so we needed to come up with something that we were actually capable of doing yet [would] still be entertaining," Nelson says. "Once we had our idea, it was just a matter of building a mason jar/GoPro rig and gathering some family and friends for the actors. Much like our "Brother" video, it tells a bit of a story and hopefully takes the viewer on a fun and wild ride."

"Mason Jar" is available for download on iTunes and Amazon.