Husband and wife duo Grace & Tony introduced a new brand of music, called punkgrass, when they released their 2011 EP, 'Inside a 7-Track Mind.' Now, the pair are preparing to release their first full-length album, 'November.'

The new album's 11 tracks are a step forward for the duo, into a new sound they term "grassphemy."

“'November' is the next chapter for us, it’s a new set of stories we need to tell,” Tony White says. “This music is more mature and shows our natural progression as songwriters. We battle tested the songs and chose the ones that would represent our growth as a duo.”

The couple, who fell in love while creating music, experimented with a few of their favorite styles -- including punk, folk, bluegrass and Texas swing -- to create their unique punkgrass sound.

“Punkgrass is simply a natural fusion of my punk rock background, and Grace’s southern gospel and bluegrass upbringing,” Tony explains. “It isn’t forced, it’s very organic and it stands out because it’s a real fusion of what’s new and old. We play whatever pops into our heads; from classic rock to southern gospel, we scratch every itch. It’s dark, yet happy; silly, yet serious. Plus, it’s a whole lot of fun to play.”

White credits his brother, John Paul White of the Civil Wars, with helping him develop his love of music, which is evident during the duo's live performances. The pair have played all over the country, including at the famed Crockett Theater in their hometown of Lawrenceburg, Tenn.

Grace & Tony will release 'November,' which they recorded thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, on Nov. 12 via Rock Ridge Music. They will hit the road this fall to promote the new set of tunes. See a list of their upcoming shows here.