Patty Loveless is heading back to the Appalachians for a follow-up to her roots-filled 2001 disc, 'Mountain Soul.' The Kentucky native will release 'Mountain Soul II' on September 29.

"It's Appalachian, bluegrass and country combined," says Patty of the sequel to the critically-acclaimed collection. "You should never try to duplicate something like 'Mountain Soul.' What you should do is enhance. So this is like a continuation."

Due to the success of 'Mountain Soul,' Patty, the daughter of a Kentucky coal miner -- and cousin to Loretta Lynn -- was invited to perform on the 'Down From the Mountain' tour, which was inspired by the film and the music of 'O Brother, Where Art Thou?'

"I was blessed to be able to expose my music to people who normally don't listen to country music," notes Patty. "They loved the more organic, roots-y thing, but they don't listen to mainstream country. I met quite a few people who told me that. They kept wanting me to try and recapture that sound. They'd say, 'When are you going to do another record like this? We love this album.' I guess they kind of talked me into it."

Patty's husband and producer Emory Gordy Jr. once again helmed the recording sessions, which also featured fiddler Deanie Richardson, Dobro player Rob Ickes, and singers Jon Randall and Rebecca Lynn Howard, all of whom contributed to the first 'Mountain Soul' disc. The new album also drew in Vince Gill (whose 1990 Grammy- and CMA Award-winner 'When I Call Your Name' features Patty on harmony vocals), Emmylou Harris, and 16-year-old singer Sydni Perry of the bluegrass band Green on the Vyne.

"We just had such a great time," says Patty of the sessions. "It was like we were singing and playing for each other. We wanted to try and make it live, as much as possible. There were no drums, so everybody gravitated towards each other's inner rhythms. We started the sessions on a Monday, and we finished that Thursday evening. I had so much fun making this record that I didn't want it to end."

'Mountain Soul II' is the follow-up to 'Sleepless Nights,' Patty's Grammy-nominated debut album for the Saguaro Road label.