Loyal country music fans have been seeking autographs from their favorite stars all the way back to ... well, since there were country music stars. For buyers and sellers, the right autograph can mean shelling out or raking in some serious bucks.

A recent article on the Musicouch blog ranks the top seven classic country acts based on recent auctions of item they had autographed. The late Patsy Cline, who died in a 1963 plane crash, tops the list, with a whopping $3,612 paid for a signed copy of her 1957 album 'Walkin' After Midnight.' Want an 8x10 photo autographed photo of the singer? The top bidder on that item paid $1,626.

Following Patsy, in the No. 2 spot is the late Hank Williams. Rounding out the list are Jim Reeves, Jimmie Rodgers, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Cowboy Copas (another victim of that 1963 plane crash).

Autographs don't have to be limited to photos or recordings. Other personal items such as business contracts, handwritten letters and personal checks are highly sought by collectors.

And while items from stars who are no longer with us tend to fetch the most money, with eBay and other auction sites featuring a steady stream of signed memorabilia, there are plenty of opportunities to sell autographs from every era -- if you're willing to part with them, that is. (But don't even think about trying to get your hands on our autographed issue of Rolling Stone with Dolly Parton on the cover!)