Most fans may know Melissa Peterman as Reba McEntire's husband-stealing-nemesis on the 'Reba' TV show, but the comedienne is paving a new image for herself as single mother Carli Mitchell on CMT's 'Working Class.' Melissa keeps close to country music, though, deeming listeners the "most loyal fan base in the world." As the 'Working Class' season finale airs tonight (April 1), Melissa gives The Boot her 'Parenting Playlist' of songs she recommends for moms and dads:

'When You Have a Child,' Reba

"I weep every time. The first time she let me listen to it before the album came out, I was a weepy mess. Her son Shelby just turned 21, and [my son] Riley was four at the time, and we were both reacting to different lines in the song. It will continue to affect you whether you have a younger one or an older one. She would always react to the line 'the smell of gasoline,' because he's growing up and the worry factor every time he leaves the house."

'Blessed,' Martina McBride

"So pretty. It's a very visual song. I love this one and 'In My Daughters' Eyes.'"

'I Hope You Dance,' Lee Ann Womack

"I love it, because this is song of, don't be afraid and I hope all these things for you. I hope you take all the chances, whether I always did or not. When you get the opportunity to try something new or have a moment of joy or laughter, I hope you take it."

'Writing on the Wall,' George Jones

"Is that too old? I don't care. I love it."

'Cleaning This Gun (Come on in Boy),' Rodney Atkins

"Even though my husband would never have a gun, and is so un-cowboy, I think it's so funny. Fear is awesome in raising kids. I was scared to death to get caught. I hope when Riley goes over to pick up a girl, I hope the dad scares the crap out of them. Make them scared to get caught."

'No Charge,' Tammy Wynette

"I like it because it's old school. That's what motherhood is: you're working, you're doing 25 different jobs and you're not getting paid."

'Is There Life Out There,' Reba

"It's definitely about a single mother, but not super specifically. Being on the road with Reba, though, I've probably met 100 single moms who have told me that this song inspired them to keep going on. You don't have to stay where you are, you can make a change."

'You're Gonna Miss This,' Trace Adkins

"Such a sweet song about growing up."

'Somebody's Hero,' Jamie O'Neal

"We all become our mothers. I have those moments when I'm like, 'I'm going to Michael's craft store: I am my mother.' But that's not a bad thing."

'Let Them Be Little,' Lonestar / Billy Dean

"Either version is awesome. I've always felt this, from when I was growing up to now with my son Riley. We don't let them be little. I was not a normal kid, but I had a sense of innocence far longer than we let kids. I love that song."

The 'Working Class' season finale is tonight (April 1) with two half-hour episodes beginning at 8:00 PM ET/PT on CMT.