Pam Tillis pays tribute to two American treasures in her brand-new video, 'Two Kings,' featuring rising R&B star Kris Thomas. 'Two Kings' celebrates the legacies of late civil rights trailblazer, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and arguably the most famous singer to ever live, Elvis Presley. The new song is an ethereal blend of country, soul, rock and gospel, just like the diverse catalog of the King of Rock and Roll. Its lyrics praise the two legendary men, who, in different ways, spread messages of love and acceptance.

"Dr. King's contribution to civil rights is an an unassailable matter of history. Elvis' disregard of the division of race in music helped changed music forever," Pam tells The Boot. "My friend Brenda O'Brien, who grew up during the turbulent times of the civil rights struggle right in the middle of the Memphis music scene, saw the connection. She brought this song idea to me and all I did was help her see her vision through. It's just an earnest attempt to honor both man's memories and ask, 'what will you do to make the world a better place?'"

Brenda O'Brien's family owned famous Memphis night club, the Plantation Inn, which hosted not only celebrities (including Elvis) but also a mix of races back in the '40s and '50s, when segregation was still rampant.

Along with Brenda, Kris Thomas is also a famous face on the Memphis music scene. He calls working with the Grammy-winning, legendary Pam Tillis "a thrill and an education."

"The message of this song is so powerful and relevant, especially in our world today," says the soulful singer. "All the connections to Memphis make this song really special to me being a Memphis native."

Pam and Kris filmed the video in Memphis with director Molly Secours. The timing of its release falls just between what would have been Elvis' 77th birthday, this past Sunday, Jan. 8, and Martin Luther King Day, which is this Monday, Jan. 16. Watch The Boot's exclusive premiere of 'Two Kings' below.

Watch the 'Two Kings' Video

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