Omar Samhan, Taylor SwiftSaint Mary's senior center Omar Samhan is enjoying his new celebrity status, thanks to his outstanding performance in the NCAA basketball tournament. But when the microphones were on at a recent media session, the 6'11" star player wanted to talk about his crush, not the game.

"Are those cameras on?" he questioned, when someone jokingly asked if 'Love Story' was on his iPod as part of his pre-game ritual. "I love you, Taylor [Swift]," he exclaimed boldly, staring straight into the closest camera. "You should call me."

Turns out, his feelings just might be reciprocated, because Taylor has a thing for lanky lads. "The bad thing about being tall," the 5'11" singer explains, "is the majority of people are at a different eye level than you and so you feel like you're looking down to talk to people, which is kind of unnatural."

Previously linked to Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner, Taylor was recently spotted enjoying time with Glee star Cory Monteith. Finishing up her worldwide Fearless tour next week, the singer will be at the ACM Awards on April 18, where she is nominated for four awards, including Entertainer of the Year.

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