Kudos to anonymous Twitter user, @NotJakeOwen, for honoring Wednesday's (Aug. 1) jovial tweet, offering $500 to anyone who could prove Darius Rucker had a Patsy Cline greatest hits CD. After seeing the bet, Darius responded to the humorous social networker by posting a photo of the classic album and, "@NotJakeOwen Pay up - $500 and make it out to @StJude."

Since the South Carolina native lives up to the lyrics of his No. 1 hit, "Alright," in which he touts "I've got a stereo and the best of Patsy Cline," it's St. Jude Children's Hospital that wins. Last night (Aug. 2), @NotJakeOwen posted his response: a picture of the hospital's online donation portal (see below) with this apology in the same cadence as Darius' "Come Back Song": "Hey @dariusrucker This is my my bad. Pay up. Tweet."


And to prove that a lesson has been learned, @NotJakeOwen followed his or her donation with another bet. This time, he cites fellow Twitter comedian, Blake Shelton, and the Oklahoma native's debut single, and first No. 1, "Austin," which includes the line, "If this is Tuesday night I'm bowling."

"$1 reward to anyone that can prove @blakeshelton bowls on Tuesday nights," @NotJakeOwen wrote.

Watch Darius Discuss Performing for the Troops

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