No one doubts that Taylor Swift has international appeal, but now apparently she is deemed more powerful than some world leaders.

New York Times columnist Nicholas Krostof recalls a recent visit to his father in his native Ukraine, where he realized just how far the singer's influence extends.

"The kids here learn English and flirt in low-cut bluejeans," he writes. "They listen to Rihanna, AC/DC and Taylor Swift. They have crushes on George Clooney and Angelina Jolie, watch 'The Simpsons' and 'Family Guy,' and play Grand Theft Auto. The school here has computers and an Internet connection, which kids use to watch YouTube and join Facebook. Many expect to get jobs in Italy or Spain -- perhaps even America."

The columnist recalls one man from Ukraine who shared his hope that the United States can help in more ways than just keeping them out of a battle with Russia, under the leadership of Vladimir Putin.

“We love your culture, and we want to be part of you,” he stated.

Krostof is undeterred by his country's current political strife, and apparently thinks country music's reigning songstress holds a lot of global power.

"Ukraine faces difficult times ahead, but tectonic forces are propelling it westward," he writes. "In the battle between Putin and Taylor Swift, I bet on Swift."