Artist: Neal McCoy

Video: 'A-OK'

Why We Dig It: Neal plays the Pied Piper of Country Music in this happy-go-lucky clip, the first single from 'XII,' co-produced by Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert and Brent Rowan. Filmed on the streets of his hometown of Longview, Texas, the video features several local residents following behind the singe, who invites others to join the parade. Watch it below.

Neal insists the upbeat message of 'A-OK' is one that works well for him and should resonate with fans as well.

"Everybody wants to find that song that hits the sweet spot, which is pretty much them, but everybody else, too," he explains to CMT. "I think I finally found that song! I think any song that says, 'It's gonna be OK, it's gonna be all right' ... has got to be a winner. People really want to hear, and almost need to hear, that right now. Times being the way they are -- and something that makes people feel good? Well, anyone who knows me knows I'm all about that."

Neal's 'XII,' his first album in five years, is due in stores March 6.

Watch Neal McCoy's 'A-OK' Video

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