On Tuesday, August 5, one day after a reported five million votes were cast to crown Melissa Lawson the newest 'Nashville Star,' the Texas native spent the entire day on a radio tour, promoting her hot new single, 'What If It All Goes Right,' which quickly became the No. 1 country single on iTunes. As she gears up for the release of the album she'll record with show judge John Rich producing, also on Lawson's agenda are a tour with her fellow 'Nashville Star' finalists, and this weekend's trip to Beijing, China, to perform at the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.

In a Q&A with EW.com, the 32-year-old mother of five dished on everything from the reality of reality TV to co-host Katie Cook's revealing wardrobe choice on the finale.In the champ's own words, here are a few of Lawson's thoughts on her 'Nashville Star' experience ...

On Katie's "boobalicious" dress (writer Whitney Pastorek's description):
"I thought it was sassy, actually. We had a wardrobe conversation where I was like, do you ever get tired of the people poking and prodding at you and putting whatever the heck they want on you? And she's like, 'You know, at this point, I'm comfortable in whatever they give me.' She definitely pulled it off."

On the network's role in choosing contestants:

"I think everyone in the world realizes that reality TV isn't always all reality. I'm sure there were some amazingly
talented vocalists that were passed up because they weren't all that interesting, but overall, I was really happy with the choices, because I made some really good friends. Whether they're great singers or not-you know, maybe not so much. But they all worked hard."

On whether or not she thought she'd win:
"When I was standing up there I was telling myself, You know what? It's OK. Top two is great. It's a great place to be. And I really thought [second-place finisher] Gabe [Garcia] was gonna win. So it was kinda shocking when they called my name."

On her unseen 'American Idol' past:
"I competed Season Four and made the top 75, but after going through all of that, I never got airtime at all. It was almost a slap in the face, and it just made me feel like there was no validation there at all, no respect for the time that was put in. It just made me feel horrible."

On what she has in mind for her album, and her career:
"I want to tackle real life issues that women around the country have to deal with, that anyone who struggles and has a dream has to deal with. If the song doesn't speak to me on a lyrical level-that's crucial. The music is equally important. If you don't have the mix of both, it's not worth singing. There are some great songs out there where the music is so awesome and gets you going, but if you really stop to analyze the lyrics, they're not so great. I want to find a good balance. I'm gonna work very, very hard to make sure that I get to ride this and stay on top. I want a long career. I don't want to be a one-hit wonder."

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