Kenny Chesney, MomMother's Day is this Sunday and to celebrate, we gathered quotes from some of your favorite country stars about what their own moms mean to them. Plus, busy moms like Faith Hill and Martina McBride speak about the joys of motherhood.

Growing up, Kenny Chesney's mother gave him a lot of advice, and he reveals what kind of impact she had on his life. "One of the most important lessons that I learned from my mom is [that] no matter what life throws at you, take a step back and a deep breath and take life as it comes," says the Tennessee native. "She's been through a lot in her life, and she's come through it with a lot of grace ... and a lot of style. I've learned a lot from that. She has taught me a lot directly and indirectly. She's a hard worker, but she loves life. And I thank God that I got my love of life from her."

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill's daughtersFaith Hill -- mother of Gracie, Maggie and Audrey -- says motherhood is the ultimate responsibility. "Your life changes when you have them," she explains. "Pregnancy is one thing, giving birth is another thing. But being a mom is even a greater responsibility. There's nothing like it. The moment your child is born, you are a mother for the rest of that child's life -- and your life. And it's a huge responsibility."

Tim McGraw sings his wife's praises as a mother. "She's the best," exclaims Tim. "She's compassionate. She's understanding, patient -- way more than I am. She knows her daughters like the back of her hand. I mean, there's not an eye twitch that they can do that she doesn't know what's behind it. She has a connection with them that's just unbelievable. And they have a connection with her that's unbelievable. They love their mom. They know without a shadow of a doubt that no matter what happens in this world that their mom's always gonna be there for them."

Martina McBride explains what she hopes her three daughters would say were her good qualities as a mother. "i think just that I accept them for who they are and respect them as people and try to teach them to do the right thing and support them with whatever they want to do ... and I'm fun. [Laughs] I hope they'd say I'm fun."

Trisha Yearwood
's never experienced labor pains, but she's definitely a mother nonetheless to Garth Brooks' three daughters -- Taylor, August Anna and Allie Colleen. When she married Garth, she became part of a household that already included three girls, and she's had to learn how to be a mom. One of her first decisions was not to refer to herself as a stepmother. "I call it bonus mom," explains the songbird. "Stepmom evokes Cinderella stories in my head, so I like bonus mom. [Actress] Jada Pinkett Smith taught me that one. I was somewhere talking about it. I said, 'I'm looking for a better word,' and she says, 'Bonus mom. I'm a bonus mom. That's better.' It just changes everything ... I guess I realized for the first time as an adult the sacrifice that parents make for their kids. I really had to learn that it's not all about me. And I'd love to say that I knew that before, but I'm still struggling with it. When you don't have children, you can be selfish, and when you do have children -- whether you birthed them yourself or whether you have them by marriage -- you can't be first. They have to be first. And i think that's been a lesson I learned really well from my husband."

Sara Evans says her mom taught her to have a sense of humor and a low-key approach to life. "All she wanted was a farmhouse, a great big farm and lots of kids and just a very simple life," explains the mother of three and stepmother of four. "There's just something so special about that country farm life that you just cannot get anywhere else. She did all the laundry. She always cooked. She always did the dishes. She was just always happy. She would dance for us in the kitchen and while she was cooking, so I really got that from her -- just provide a happy atmosphere in the home."

Jake Owen says his mom still keeps him out of trouble. "She definitely has her opinion, which is well appreciated. I mean ... if she comes to a show, I may say something on stage or something, and she says, 'You know, I don't know if you should say that anymore on stage ... it kind of puts you in a bad light, and I didn't raise you to be that kind of boy. So, I know you're not like that, you're just maybe caught in the moment.' And she's right! Thankfully, I have a mom that's there to correct me.

explains that her dad played the role of both father and mother. "My parents got divorced when I was eight, and my dad ended up raising us, he took us," she says. "I guess my mom wanted to do different things. But my dad always really stood up to the challenge. It's hard for a single dad to do that, so I have always sent him cards on Mother's Day and just because he stepped up to the plate, and that's a hard thing for a single dad to do with three kids depending on you. And he definitely did the best he could and gave me great gifts like singing and the love of being outdoors and riding horses and all that."

Kix Brooks of Brooks & Dunn had a motherly influence from his grandmother, since he lost his mother at a young age. "I spend a lot of time growing up at my grandmother's house," says Kix. "My mom died when I was really young, and it was just required to take piano lessons. And I hated it because I've always pretty much played by ear. It wasn't until I got in to music school in college that I got into notation ... I looked forward every day to getting home from school and closing the door in my room and picking up that guitar ... because there were times in my life when things were tough at home, and that was a place I could always turn and always made me feel good, and [it] always made me feel like somebody."

Rodney Atkins has been the celebrity spokesperson for the National Council for Adoption, a role that suits him well, given that he was adopted as a boy. He's spoken highly of the couple that took him in as an infant, and it's certain that Mother's Day means a lot to him because of their acceptance. "She's the epitome of a great wife and mother," Rodney says of his mom. "She's never been the kind to really want to draw attention to herself. There's no vanity. She has the patience of an angel. She just really [is] that role."

Chris Young realizes the sacrifices his mom made in raising him and his sister. "It's a really big time of year for everybody," says the dutiful son. "Even if it's just to get to spend a little time with your mom. It's not necessarily all about getting her a gift, it's about just saying 'Thank you' ... She raised us for a little while, me and my sister, basically by herself. Before my step-dad, who i call my dad, came in the picture, it was just her. I never as a kid wanted for anything. And that was how my mom looked at everything. And that's how a lot of moms do, and i think that's why we have a mother's day. Just some f the stuff they do, that they give up for their children, really to make sure you have a great life and a great experience as a child."

Miranda Lambert
refers to her mother as her best friend and says she can see her future because she finds herself turning into her mom. "I'm becoming more like my mom I think the older I get. Just my demeanor, and even the way I look. Because I always grew up looking just like my dad, but I find that little things I do, even like the way I sit in the car with my feet on the dash, I'll just go, 'Oh my gosh, this is just like my mom sat my whole life.' And she's just like her mom now ... I have something to look forward to. They both still have a blast in life and love to party, so I'm excited."