Take one part Johnny Cash, one part Beastie Boys and a dash of dancing girls, and you've got the unconventional new duo, the Moonshine Bandits. Describing their style as "Outlaw country/rock/rap," Bandit members Bird and Tex have crafted music that reflects both their small-town upbringings and no-holds-barred attitudes. A perfect example is their current single, 'For the Outlawz,' making its debut right here on The Boot today. Listen to the tune, also featuring Colt Ford & Big B, below. (Parental advisory: song contains explicit lyrics.)

"The song was written about rebels and outlaws we have met over the years," Tex tells The Boot. "This song was also written for critics that can't understand our brand of music that bridges hip-hop with country. Just like outlaws aren't always accepted by society, our brand of music isn't always accepted by the music industry because they don't know how to categorize us.

"We will continue to create our brand of music," continues the California native, "because it's what is most comfortable to us. Johnny Cash wasn't accepted by country radio."

Country radio hasn't exactly embraced Colt Ford either, but he's certainly not hurting in record sales or fan base. The country-rapper has made a big name for himself the same way the Moonshine Bandits now hope to do, by thinking outside the music box.

"We have been friends with Colt Ford for a while and always respected his music, because it's similar to ours," says Tex. "Colt also combines elements of hip-hop and country. Colt has been very successful, and he has knocked down industry doors for artists similar to us. We respect his style of music, so we reached out to him for this song because we knew he'd be the perfect fit."

'For the Outlawz' (featuring Colt Ford & Big B) is on the Moonshine Bandits' upcoming album, 'Whiskey and Women,' out May 10. If you go to buy it in a record store, you may want to just ask where it is before trying to figure out which genre to thumb through.

"We have no boundaries, and it shows in our songs," Tex explains of the new CD. "Genres of music aren't a concern to us, so we aren't worried about a categorization. Our music is 100 percent real and reaches everyone from outlaws, farm boys and cowboys, to military troops, skaters, bikers, truckers and your everyday blue collar worker that works hard to put money on the table."