Miranda LambertMiranda Lambert is keeping busy on her bus as she travels down the road as part of Brad Paisley's 'American Saturday Night' tour by watching a few of her favorite television shows -- for now, anyway.

On her Twitter page, the Texas native says winter makes her watch too much TV, but she can't drag herself away from the tube, especially with all of the wedding shows -- 'Say Yes to the Dress,' 'Platinum Weddings,' 'Bridezillas' and 'Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?'

"It's like marriage is a tourist attraction," Miranda writes. "And why do I watch them all nonstop?" But if anyone thinks Miranda watching all those shows is wishful thinking about tying the knot with boyfriend Blake Shelton, forget it! The singer adds a disclaimer: "PS: It has nothing to do with wanting to get married ... it has everything to do with my obsession with TLC and WE."

Miranda notes a couple of other shows that feed her must-see-TV addiction (and have possibly inspired a few of her songs?): 'Law & Order: SVU' and 'Snapped,' which is "all about crazy women that kill their husbands."

Sounding somewhat disgusted with herself and her obsession, Miranda insists she's going to start reading more. The feisty blonde adds she may even start a book club on the road, after one of her crew guys brought up the idea. We'd suggest calling it something like 'Reading Revolution' -- inspired by the title of Miranda's current album, 'Revolution,' of course!