Apparently, one country superstar isn't enough for NBC. According to, the Peacock network has signed on for a family-friendly drama to be executive-produced by Miranda Lambert.

Inspired by Miranda's experiences growing up, the series centers on a couple who run a highly successful detective agency while also trying to raise two teenagers. Miranda and her younger brother, Luke, grew up in Lindale, Texas, where their dad, Rick, a retired police officer, became a private investigator in partnership with mom, Bev, who will serve as a consultant on the TV project.

The series will be written by Chad Hodge, who along with Aaron Kaplan, Miranda and Miranda's manager, Marion Kraft, will be executive producers. The project moves from ABC Family, where it was slated last year with a different writer.

NBC is, of course, already home to singing competition, "The Voice" featuring Miranda's husband, Blake Shelton, a situation that reportedly played a role in getting the project played at the network. All of this has us wondering if Blake and Miranda's menagerie of pets at their Oklahoma home (and "Elvis-y" house in LA) will soon be involved in NBC series' of their own.

No word on a timetable for Miranda's series but season three of "The Voice" begins next Monday, Sept. 10.