Miranda Lambert is having the best year of her career, not to mention probably the best year of her life. In addition to stepping out on her own headlining tour -- the Roadhouse Bars & Pink Guitars trek, she picked up three Academy of Country Music Awards, hit the top of the country charts twice with 'White Liar' and 'The House That Built Me,' and got engaged to longtime boyfriend Blake Shelton. The Texas tornado is happy with the inroads she's made with fans and critics alike, and while it's very exciting, it's also a bit overwhelming for her.

"It's the first time I've ever really felt it like this because we've always had this really good, strong foundation," Miranda tells The Boot. "It's been slow and steady and it's been a great career, but all of a sudden just us as a family on the road and my camp, we feel it. It's like this rumble under the ground that something's about to happen and now it's happening. It's great but it's also, like, really scary to me because I've never had that kind of a jump, a push, and so I'm a little bit afraid."

Miranda is still excited, even if she's still a bit apprehensive about her upward climb. "Oh my gosh, when you shoot up, you shoot back down!" she exclaims. "So I just hope that we can keep this great, steady ride going because I just love what we're doing and I always have. But it's a lot more fun when everybody's noticing."

Miranda will no doubt have even more people noticing as she headlines her upcoming fall outing for CMT, taking along a couple of friends, Eric Church and Josh Kelley. The trek launches September 29 in New York City.