Miranda LambertAward-winning songwriter Allen Shamblin talks with The Boot about Miranda Lambert's latest chart-topping hit, 'The House That Built Me,' which he co-wrote with Tom Douglas.

The song was originally written probably six or seven years ago. We were at Sundance [Film Festival] in Utah doing some writer shows for the Bluebird Café in conjunction with Sundance. I had the title for the song, and I ran it by Tom. We started talking about the idea.

When you co-write a song, you each dig into your own heart for where you're coming from. The inspiration for me was the last ten years or so with having my own children. I often think about the neighborhood and the house that my father built that I grew up in.

About two Novembers ago, Tom contacted me on the phone. He said, "Hey, let's revisit this song." We finally got back together to work out some of the holes, and the song really came into focus then. People really responded to the new version.

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