Miranda Lambert's latest album, Platinum, has been her biggest success to date, winning the 2015 Grammy Award for Best Country Album and hitting gold status -- and part of the record's success may be that as the 31-year-old gets older, her songs are becoming more relatable to fans.

"Even though I try and create timeless songs, I have a much different take on life than I did in the past, simply due to my growing older," Lambert tells Tulsa World. "When you turn 30, there are a lot of life lessons that jab at you, and some are somewhat comical. That theme of "Gravity is a Bitch" is something that many people can relate to, as it’s something that you experience, but nobody really prepares you for when it’s happening. It’s supposed to be fun poking at some of those things in everyday life.

"I want to continue writing and performing relatable music," she continues; "if I feel it, I am sure someone out there does, too."

The East Texas native's musical style may change as the years pass by, but she says that there's one aspect of country music that she plans to keep at a distance: party songs.

"I can’t sell party songs,” Lambert says. “I mean, I have them all on my iPod, but I cannot say, ‘Tailgate, she’s a hot a--, dancin’.’ I can’t sell that as a female artist. That would sound weird."

Lambert is currently on the road for her 2015 Certified Platinum Tour, which kicked off with a surprise free show in Nashville on Jan. 13. See a full list of upcoming dates and ticket information at MirandaLambert.com.

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